Don’t Have a Good Office Chair? What Could Go Wrong?- Here’s What!

Indians tend to have extremely long working hours- much more than their western counterparts. This makes it important to have a really nice and comfortable office chair. But despite this- many people sit uncomfortably in chairs that do not support the human body. And while this would have been fine for a small amount of time- it’s rather unhealthy when you have to sit around for long hours. There are a lot of ways in which a bad office chair can affect your health- and some major ones are listed below. But before that, what accounts for a bad office chair?

If the office chair online has a fixed seat or does not provide you with decent back support- it’s probably not good. A good chair should be cushioned or padded and have ergonomic features like adjustable height and mobile chairs (wheels go weeee!). They have armrests for support and have been built properly, with quality in mind.

And not having good and ergonomic office chairs can have the following ill-effects:

  • One of the most prominent and visible impacts of an unsuitable office chair is on the posture of the person sitting. The chair just cannot give you the back support that you require. Neither does it lean back when you need it to make you uncomfortable in the process. You end up moving and leaning forward to work- and sitting like this all day can be rather painstaking and result in the bad posture. 
  • If you notice that you have been feeling a lot tenser, physically, and in pain- it may be because of a bad office chair. Sitting still for long hours can have a lot of impact on your body and you may end up feeling pain. And if this happens regularly enough- say hello to chronic pain in your body. Of course, you are sure to be uncomfortable!
  • Bad office chairs increase pressure in the joints. The chairs are not deep enough and this ends up putting undue pressure on your hips which may result in pain or soreness in the lower back. Since the chairs cannot be adjusted, you may have to sit tall without support or hunch to work productively- both of which are bad for you.
  • Being able to move around is important in an office setting- especially since it helps communicate with other people without a lot of effort. Bad office chairs have a fixed seat and do not move around- they do not have wheels to support that function or a swivel to move back and forth- making them unsuitable for long hours and, thus, work in general.
  • If you find yourself more irritated than usual or if you feel that you are not as productive as you used to be-it may be because you are physically uncomfortable at the office. Since the chair can not move around or support your posture- it may end up giving you pain, which can serve as negative reinforcement as well. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable in your office chair- and you have been feeling pain for a while- the chair may not be great for long hours because not only it doesn’t have a cushioned back but also doesn’t have an adjustable feature. All this means is that you do not get proper lumbar or arm support to help you feel better. 
  • If the chair that you are using can not be adjusted for someone else- it definitely is not the greatest. A good chair must be able to support all of you and someone else, should the need arrive. 

If you feel that good office chairs are few and far in between, you are wrong. There are many great office chairs online. You can look for more ergonomic designs- they are some of the best office chairs priced low that you can purchase at affordable rates. The best bit- great office chairs will easily decrease all your discomfort and pain and help you work better. It will increase your productivity and then, needless to say, you will be happier than before!

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