6 Things to Consider Before Buying Educational Mailing Lists

Looking for a quick and cost-effective means to promote your academic institute? Buying an education mailing list is your answer. There are a lot of benefits to buying email lists like using them to reach out to prospective students while saving time and money. But paying close attention to all the crucial factors that go into making this purchase decision is extremely important.

Let’s take a look at some of these factors and help you make the best buying decision.

Facts to consider before buying education mailing lists:

List buying has become expensive due to falling open rates:

Open rates for mailing lists have dropped by 22% which is almost half of what it used to be just a few years ago. With this change in market value, it is a good idea to buy lists from a reputable source. Getting your hands on them can be a little expensive, but if it has been purchased from another business or company, chances of it being opt-in and verified are higher. Opt-in lists are explained later on in the post.

Up next is the impact of big name-buys on returns.

High-volume name buys result in diminishing returns:

The higher the volume of names purchased, the lower the quality. Price per name is usually measured on a CPM basis i.e., cost per thousand and it’s found that if you go for buying high-volume lists, your return will be far less than what you expect. So, it is smart to buy smaller quantities from different providers instead of getting all of them from one.

Opt-in approach gives the best results:

When you are buying mailling lists, it is best to go for an opt-in list. Opt-in means that the people have registered themselves on your website or somewhere else with their valid emails and opted in to receive promotional content from you. This approach can ensure that only interested prospects receive your marketing messages making them more likely to respond positively. Getting a college mail list can be made easy if you hire companies like LISTGIANT as they have done a lot of research before putting these lists together.

It can massively help your return on investment

Remember ROI (Return on Investment) matters:

Customer lifetime value is one of the most important factors to consider while buying mailing lists. This metric shows how much an average student spends on your institute throughout their relationship with you. If this figure is high, then it makes sense to invest in building new relationships and keeping old ones alive through active email communication. Such practices can help spread the word about the institute and ensure a good return on investment.

Majority of students expect personalized emails:

Students are more likely to respond positively when you send them emails that they expect. It is also not recommended to use the same copy for every email sent out as it can decrease your chances of converting leads into new enrollments. Using dynamic personalization for mailing lists will give students a sense of connection making them trust your brand. Since a huge chunk of students expects personalized emails, optimizing your message content in a way that caters to each separately can solidify their trust in the institute.

New enrollment is not the only end goal of buying email lists:

It is important to note that buying mailing lists to maximize admissions should not be the only goal of an institution. The primary purpose behind this practice should be keeping in touch with students who have already enrolled, making them remember their institute and feel connected enough so they continue getting quality education from you for years! While it feels good to see prospective students become enrolled students, remember to maintain a close relationship with the ones you already have!

With all these tips, we hope our insights will help you make a more informed decision when buying education mailing lists. Here are some frequently asked questions for you to check out


What is the best source for buying email lists?

The most reliable sources are directly from businesses who specialize in digital marketing lists. You can also buy a list that has been compiled by combining several useful data points about students such as name, location, job title etc.

How can marketers make sure their mailing list is current and accurate?

Always ask your supplier to update the list for you. The organization you buy the list from can help you keep track of any updates that have been made to their database.

Which types of email lists are recommended?

Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to email lists, marketers should find out what type of data will be more beneficial for their campaigns and purchase accordingly.

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