All About Bandana & How to Wear It

First we got you how to wear a scarf and how to wear a beret. Next up in our line of convenient how-to guides: how to wear a bandana. 

You’ve seen any semblance of Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid rock them and presently you’re feeling motivated. Need some direction on what style to head for, how to overlay the darn thing accurately and how to get it to really remain on your head without sneaking off? We have you. 

It’s one of those style things that consistently looks easier than it is actually, correct? Regardless of whether you’re combating it by tumbling off your head or figuring out how to overlay it, it tends to be genuinely confounding if you haven’t got your strategy down. Yet, one thing’s for sure: bandanas are back in style, child, as it’s an ideal opportunity to grasp how to make them work for you. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve addressed Victoria Prew, the originator and CEO of design rental assistance HURR to get all her top ways to style and then some. Hold on. 

What is a bandana? 

To put it plainly, a bandana is a lightweight scarf folded over your head and affixed at the scruff of your neck. 

Did you know? The term ‘bandana’ is accepted to begin from the Hindi ‘bdhn’, which makes an interpretation of as ‘to tie’. They started life in India, and were cherished for their adaptability. A brilliantly hued square of material that served as a tissue, napkin, scarf and then some? Result. They were worn in many pieces of South Asia and the Middle East from around the 1600’s. 

There are a wide range of social, strict and political inspirations to wear a bandana. Head covering has been a center part of the Muslim religion for a long time, and, likewise, headwraps have for quite some time been worn by numerous African societies. 

With the end goal of this piece, we’re examining how to wear a bandana as a design piece and, as you can envision, there are a wide range of ways and varieties of how to do as such. 

“The scarf and bandana hair frill has formally made a rebound,” clarifies Victoria. “They’re adequately basic to wear: you should simply get a scarf (not the sewed sort) and fold over your hair in the manner in which you extravagant,” she proceeds. 

When did the bandana initially become stylish? 

The bandana’s been styled for quite a long time by numerous individuals of our beloved design symbols, Victoria clarifies. “Consider Audrey Hepburn and you probably picture her in a head scarf or bandana. Indeed, even Carrie Bradshaw wore bandanas and scarves consistently,” she proceeds. 

Liking attempting one for yourself? First of all: get any old silk or glossy silk scarf from your storage room and begin having a play around. The magnificence of the bandana is that, truly, you can wear it anyway you please – there are no rigid standards, or right or incorrect ways of wearing them. 

Instructions to wear a bandana: a bit by bit 

Feeling propelled yet not certain where to begin with really accomplishing the bandana look? For a Bella Hadid-propelled look, Victoria says to follow these straightforward advances. 

Overlap accurately 

It’s in reality more basic than you’d might suspect – simply overlay the bandana in half slantingly, making a triangle shape, clarifies the style master. 

Fold over your head the correct way 

Start by bringing the last details under your hairline at the back. N.B. here

Tie the finishes safely 

Tie them up, and you’re all set. In the event that you feel the bandana slipping around or you feel like you want more grasp, just clasp some herby holds in. 

Try not to be hesitant to take the plunge 

In case you’re anxious or not certain if it’ll suit you, regardless, Victoria prompts wearing a bandana with a more relaxed look. “A white shirt and some denim pants will get the job done pleasantly”, she shares.

Anyway, who’s wearing bandanas now? 

They’ve had a lovely significant resurgence this year, as indicated by Victoria. “Bandanas authoritatively made their rebound on probably the most compelling catwalks for pre-winter, including the preferences Jacquemus and Gucci,” she clarifies. 

Superstars like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin have all been wearing them the entire summer and in case that isn’t design inspo not too far off, we don’t actually have the foggiest idea what is tbh.

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