How to verify any online store?

The world is crazy about shopping. Earlier, people worldwide prefer to get things from the market, stores, malls, but now, with the digitalization era, E-shopping has created a whopping effect on people’s lives. With the ease of online shopping, one can sit on the couch and get almost anything at their doorstep with just a click. 

With the so glittery world of trending online shopping, some websites are fraudulent and charge customers without providing them with the product. There are so many fake websites that sell and steal the data of the customers,Get more details click on Microsoft Redeem Code .

Steps on How to verify any online store-

We have listed down some tips to check the legitimacy of the store or website; please refer to them.

1.   Viewing the source code- As you visit a website, you can look for the source code option in the top right corner of the URL. 

2.   SSL verification- You can always see whether the website is HTTP:// verified or not. If it is not, it will be a suspicious website. You can determine it by looking at the search bar of your search engine.

3.   Website’s personal information- For verifying a simple website, go to their contact option and about our option to find the intimate details of the company. If you find the email address that is more likely to be domain-specific, the contact number that is currently active, and the genuine company’s address, it is more like an actual website.

4.   Payment options- you can always scroll down at the bottom of the website and look for logos of companies like MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc. 

It will be a simple website if they are present because such financial companies first verify the website and do deep research about the legitimacy. If such websites are trusting, you can trust them too.

5.   Checking the website on whois- whois is a platform where you can all past website information like when it was formed, the IP address, name of the owner, registrar, etc.

6.   Checking on other scam scanner websites- Many websites are available to check the website’s legitimacy. You can google about it and can solve your queries.

7.   Gut feeling-The suspicious looks fishy from opening the homepage itself. Sometimes, we do not like the website, or our inner feelings tell us that this is not the right place to invest money.

8.   Trust scores- There are trust scores available for all the websites. You can calculate the trust score, and if it is low, you know it is suspicious,Read more .

9.   Asking too many personal details of the customers- Fishy websites often ask for personal information from the users like home address, card details, etc. If any portal pokes too much into the life, remember it is a scam.

Final verdict-

We now conclude our article, and we have shared our review about how we check on the legitimate website. Hence, you can try these steps, and you will be able to know the truth.

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