Which is better B.Tech or B.E Course After 12th?

If we talk about the education courses that are available for the students after the 12th, B.TECH and B.E are some of the most popular courses. So let’s have a brief introduction about them.


Bachelor of Technology is an undergraduate engineering degree program awarded to candidates after they complete four years of study in the field. Engineering is one of the most popular courses in India. For entrance, the students have to clear the entrance exams of JEE(Joint entrance exams) MAIN AND JEE advance. Along with these national-level entrance examinations, there are many state and private-level entrance examinations that the students can attempt for admissions. The basic eligibility criteria for BTech is class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. However, there are additional criteria in every entrance exam and institute.

B.E (Bachelor of Engineering):

The Bachelor of Engineering is awarded to candidates after they complete the four years of study in the field. Many Indian universities offer degrees in engineering disciplines under the name of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) instead of BE. The minimum eligibility of doing this course is 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics, and chemistry or completing a pre-university course (PUC). The students have to clear the JEE mains and JEE advance.

As from the above discussion, we have the item wanted is B.TECH and B.E. Now let’s talk about that what makes them different from each other.

⦁ The major difference between B.TECH and B.E are that B.TECH is a skill-oriented course on the other hand B.E is a more knowledge-based course.

⦁ Industrial visits and internships are compulsory for B Tech it in B.E Industrial visits and internships are essential but not mandatory

⦁ In B.TECH more than the theoretical aspects, the main focus is on practical applications but in B.E the main focus is on understanding the fundamentals and gaining theoretical knowledge.

⦁ As B.TECH is a more skill-oriented course so updates frequently but B.E doesn’t update frequently as it is more knowledge-based.

⦁ Usually, academic institutes which specifically offer engineering courses refer to their degree as BTech but in B.E universities offering different courses like that in humanities, ARTS, etc offer B.E also.

Now a question arises in our mind that which one will be better the answer of this question is simple both of the courses are valuable in their own field. Both the courses are based on structure and motive.

Another question may arise as that why we need to complete 12th to have the degree of B.TECH AND B.E Let’s have a look at that.

As we take science in 12th we can have a base of knowledge for both of the courses. If we study Maths, physics and chemistry it creates a base for B.TECH AND B.E which will help us to understand the courses better.

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