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Bengal Tour Plans is one of the leading online tour operators based in Kolkata. It offers its customers various travel packages, including Weekend Trip From Kolkata, holiday packages, and many more. This is one of the upcoming and promising companies which provides tour and travel services. The Bengal Tour Plans website helps you book your Weekend Trip From Kolkata online and choose according to your requirement and budget. It has a special team of travel consultants who assist you while making a booking on weekends at very affordable rates. And If you’re feeling like exploring the nearby roadside destinations of Kolkata, Here is a location guide to offbeat weekend stays for you. Every year, nearly 70% of the people look forward to visiting exclusive regions and nearby road trip locations. Describing various nearby road Weekend Trip From Kolkata is one of the most difficult jobs for a travel planner. It requires immense knowledge and understanding of budget classification and additional travel essentials based on convenience and comfort.

Best Places For Your Weekend Trip From Kolkata

It is very tough to decide on your ideal Weekend Trip From Kolkata. So here we provide you best weekend destinations within 100KM to 200 KM distance from Kolkata. The places are uniquely beautiful, historical, and famous for their natural environment. You can plan your weekend getaway by just visiting the destination’s official website, or you can contact the local travel agency to book your stay over there.

Roopark Village
Distance from Kolkata: 20 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 109 km, travel by train

Henry’s Island
Distance from Kolkata: 130 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 132 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 132 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 145 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 151 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 160 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 170 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 170 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 185 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 191 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 195 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 265 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 499 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 584 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 592 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 620 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 635 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 645 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 650 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 650 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 655 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 670 km, travel by train

Distance from Kolkata: 721 km, travel by train

Why Opt Us For Your Weekend Trip From Kolkata?

Bengal Tour Plans is one of the leading travel agencies in Kolkata ( India ). We provide all types of party tours, family picnic tours, Bengal tour packages, All weekend tours at the best prices. Suppose you are planning for a vacation or Weekend Trip From Kolkata. Then no need to worry, just give us a ring or fill up the online booking form. Our travel experts will help you choose the best destination according to your needs.

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