Why Custom Cardboard Boxes is the Choice of Every Manufacturer?

The packaging of the product is the essential chunk to protect your goods from damage. In earlier times, people used brown, simple boxes and bags to pack their goods regardless of paying attention to the quality or printing issues. In recent times, the packaging industry is becoming familiar with the regular use of custom cardboard boxes to pack their goods. So, using these custom boxes offers multiple benefits to the products manufacturer and their customers. Well, if we talk about the benefits of cardboard boxes, then the discussion is never going off. But some most common pros of cardboard boxes with custom solutions for you. 

Easily Generate in Any size as per your Demand 

The first reason that forces your customers to craft cardboard boxes of any size. No matter you want to pack large-size products in your boxes or small-size fragile items. You can pick any customized size for your custom cardboard boxes that protect your products from damage. Some products like jewelry, pen, edibles, foods can pack in small size packaging boxes. On the other hand, some items are packed in large size cardboard boxes like electronics and other items. But we talk about the electronics packaging boxes; then, cardboard-made corrugated boxes work best to protect your fragile items and ship them securely at your customer’s doorstep. 

However, corrugated cardstock has two cardboard panels sandwiched among these panels and work to protect your items from damaging factors. The range of these flutes differs as per their qualities. 

Available in Versatile Styles 

Another benefit of cardboard benefits is folded in different styles that upraise the value of the products and brand in the market. A few times ago, each and everything was packed in cuboid shape boxes. With the passage of time, gradually packaging industry passed from many evolutionary changes. And, due to this, now all industries have unlimited choices to deigns any style or shape for their product packaging. 

If you want to talk about custom cardboard boxes styles, so most brand tries to choose styles that are easy to open. For this purpose, some styles are common in the industry and famous for their better user experiences. 

  • Sleeve and drawer boxes
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes 
  • Tuck-end boxes 
  • Bookend boxes 
  • Top closure
  • Bottom color 
  • Sealed box
  • Top flower closure 
  • 2-piece boxes 
  • Flop top boxes 

As similar to styles, you can craft your cardboard boxes in different shapes that make your brand distinctive in the industry. You just consider the shape of your products before choosing the shape of your cardboard packaging. Let’s see some catchy shapes of cardboard boxes that you can pick for the packaging of your precious product. 

  • Heart shapes box 
  • Pillow shape boxes 
  • Cylindrical shape boxes 
  • Coppered shape lid box 
  • 2-piece hexagonal shape boxes 
  • Triangle boxes 
  • Pyramid-shaped boxes 

Easily Print With Printing Methods 

Cardboard cardstock is easily printable with any type of printing. If you can buy low-quality premade boxes, they print with pathetic and low-grade ink toners that do not give a superlative look to your boxes. So, you need to use quality printing ink toners and fluid that are scratch-proof after some time for custom printed cardboard boxes. Here is the list of printing methods that are used for printing. 

  • Digital printing 
  • Screen printing 
  • Flexographic printing 
  • Offset printing

Add to this; you can use fabulous colors combination for your printed cardboard packaging by using CMYK and PMS color models for the better 3D look of your design. You can choose color contrast in light and dark shades according to your brand theme. 

The choice to Apply Add-on on the Cardboard Boxes 

Like to place cheery on the top of the cake, you can use an add-on to increase the beauty of your products boxes. Packaging’s suppliers offer unlimited add-ons for you, so choose as per your desire and budget. For this purpose, the listing options are adaptable for brands, and they can easily figure out the right choice for custom-made cardboard boxes.

  • Foiling 
  • Coatings 
  • Lamination 
  • Metallic shades 
  • Embossing 
  • Debossing 
  • Spot UV Pattern 

Recyclable and Cost-Effective Cardboard Boxes 

The decomposition of cardboard material is much easier than plastic, which takes years and years to dissolve in the soil. Apart from this, a customized cardboard box is easily recycled and reused for other purposes. So, the damaging ratio of cardboard for our environment is too low from other materials. Also, you can easily order eco-friendly cardboard boxes wholesale to pack their products at affordable prices. Hence, these boxes are cost-effective and recyclable as well. 

Able to Insert the Window on the Cardboard Box  

Most of the brands want to provide transparency of the product for their customer’s satisfaction. So, they make personalized cardboard boxes by inserting the PVC window on the box. You can use a single-sided window and a double-sided window. For a single-sided window, you can use a variety of shapes like heart, leaf, petal, oval, triangle, rectangular, and square. 

Able to Modify in the Rigid Cardstock 

Although you can pack your gifts and items in cardboard boxes, sometimes you need to add extra value to your boxes to stand out in the clusters of competitors. For this purpose, cardboard is easily transformed in rigid to make robust and worthy gift packaging. So, many manufactures choose rigid cardboard boxes to pack their products, especially cosmetics, chocolates, and skincare products. 

Ending up Discussions 

The above discussion revolves around the pros of custom cardboard boxes for your brands. These boxes are available in versatile sizes, designs, and styles. You can insert window, foiling, add-on, and coatings on cardboard boxes to increase their value in the industry. It also offers you to choose the designs of your box as per your desire. Add to this; if you want to make quality cardboard boxes to pack gifts, then packaging brands can easily transfer this material into the rigid cardstock. So, you easily order custom cardboard boxes wholesale easily at affordable rates. 

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