How Circumcision Surgery for Adults Benefits Women?

People get worried when they know that one of their loved ones, especially female partners, has diseases transmitted during sexual intercourse. To add insult to injury, the men come to know that the illnesses or conditions that the partners have are because they did not undergo circumcision surgery for adults

Understanding Circumcision Surgery for Adults

Men can do a simple thing to reduce the risk of spreading these diseases and illnesses to their female partners, such as having adult circumcision surgery. Both men and women need to understand the surgical procedure; if they want to know its benefits to the two genders.

How is the Surgery Performed?

The foreskin of the penis is a layer of skin. It covers the whole organ from the bottom to the top. The circumcision surgery men have removes a small part of the skin that covers the top of the glans.

What Advantages Patients have?

This surgical procedure has the most advantages to men as it is performed on their reproductive organs. The following benefits are expected when males undergo the best adult circumcision. 

  • The surgery reduces prostate and penile cancer, UTI, STIs, STDs, and other foreskin conditions.
  • Penile hygiene of men is improved.
  • The female partners are satisfied.

Why do Men decide to Have Adult Circumcision in Atlanta?

The primarily three reasons for adult men to undergo circumcision surgery are discussed in the following points;

  • In the beginning, when people didn’t know about the medical benefits of this surgical procedure, children were circumcised because it was the demand of religion or culture.
  • The second reason for having the surgery is purely medical-related. Circumcision surgery improves personal hygiene and reduces risks of STIs, STDs, and other penile conditions in men.
  • Many men choose to have the surgery from clinics and other medical facilities like Circumcision Center because women prefer their partners to be circumcised.

Medical Benefits to Women

As mentioned in the above point that women today prefer to be with men who are circumcised. There are several reasons that females have themselves explained. But the following medical benefits are the ones that the surgeons and doctors tell about.

Reduced Risks of HIV and AIDS

Of all the diseases and illnesses transmitted sexually, HIV that results in AIDS is the most dangerous because, in some cases, the situation becomes life-threatening. Although the virus can be transmitted in other ways, sexual intercourse is the main reason. People should be careful as there is no cure for it and not even a vaccine to reduce the harmful effects.

Genital Herpes

When females start to develop sores and blisters on their genitals, it indicates that Genital Herpes is beginning. The symptoms occur after fourteen days of its contact, which is followed by fever. If both men and women are not careful, then it might return even after being cured.


Suppose the females are experiencing symptoms like smelly fluid discharge, bleeding at odd timings, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and itching in the genital area. In that case, it is a sign of Chlamydia. But when men have circumcised, the risks of spreading this bacteria are less likely.

Genital Warts

Patients come to know about Genital Warts after three months of their sexual intercourse. The worst thing about this disease is that it can lead to the development of cervical cancer in females.


The hepatitis virus attacks the liver that has adverse effects on the blood. As a result, the patient’s skin color becomes yellow; there is loss of appetite, vomiting, rashes, and pain in the body.


If a woman has undergone several miscarriages, then the doctors suspect that she is suffering from Gonorrhea. 

General Advantages Of Circumcision to Women

These advantages are health-related, but their spectrum is more generalized, including women experiencing more sexual pleasure.

Knowing about the advantages of circumcision surgery for adults to the men and women is important; so that more men have the surgical procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What feels better for a girl circumcised or uncircumcised?

Research has indicated that circumcision surgery for adults has many health benefits for girls or, to say, females in general. There is a lowered risk of spreading STIs, STDs, and cervical cancer. Women have stated that they were satisfied more by circumcised men.

How painful is circumcision in adults?

Children feel most pain during this procedure because we cannot give them sedatives. But we can give anesthesia to adults, and pain killers are provided to ease the pain of the surgery.

The main thing that will happen is that men might get various diseases and illnesses because men cannot clean the penis properly. Different types of viruses, bacteria, and germs develop under the foreskin.

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